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VeroWay, based in Switzerland, was founded in 2017 by a team of established businessmen, cyber security specialists, financial sector experts and
crypto currency pioneers with the mission to not only make crypto and its eco system accessible and easy to use, but to do this in a profitable way
and without compromising security or performance. Today, VeroWay Group holds over a dozen patents with international patent

VeroWay’s unique Hybrid Wallet and self-custody solution bridges the advantage of fast interactibility of hot wallets along with the top notch security of cold wallets in a scalable and automated way.

Full Segregation means every account has its own wallet and private keys that can only be accessed by the invidual user.
All data is encrypted and no one except for the account holder
has access to their funds (not even VeroWay employees)

Due to this unique Segregated Hybrid Wallet solution, VeroWay has been granted the official and explicit green light by Regulators to onboard users
with our proprietary stream-lined KYC process while fulfilling traditional AML requirements and allow for ultra liquid DEX Trading. This frictionless and “within seconds” user registration process
ultimately let the Platform’s user base grow exponentially in the recent years since inception.

VeroWay’s Segregated Wallet System is operated out of VeroWay FinTech AG in Liechtenstein. The regulators have challenged the business case and technical implementation in accordance with AML 5/6 laws and concluded that since VeroWay does _not_ access, touch, facilitate, store, or in any way manage user’s funds, VeroWay doesn’t need to be regulated as a financial intermediary or MSB and neither does any of our business2business users.
VeroWay’s technology stack is flexible in the way that asset managers, financial institutions, banks, etc. can leverage the secure self-custodial wallets, as custodial cold-storage systems as well. Please reach out to us via the contact forms to enquire about your options on this matter.

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