VeroWay Group Introduction

VeroWay offers the most dynamic alternative core banking and digital fulfillment software solution, combining the highest security standards and ease of use. This enables enterprises to store, transfer, and exchange digital assets and information in the most secure, efficient and verifiable manner.

A Quick Introduction:

Welcome to the VeroWay Platform

Delivering High-Performance, Blockchain-Powered Core-Banking Solutions from the heart of Europe.

Open an account now and benefit from the best-in-class crypto and fiat wallet platform available!

The World's #1 fastest growing Financial Platform

VeroWay is powering the backend and financial logistics of multi-national neo-banks, social media enterprises, asset managers, messaging systems, liquidity providers, and many more future-focussed businesses.

The VeroWay Digital Vault innovation and feature-set is driven by our millions of users and business clients. White-labeling the VeroWay Platform allows you to monetize and grow your user-base organically by giving every one of our users access to over 40 different fiat and digital currencies in the most powerful self-custody wallet-solution available!

Best-in-Class security on an unprecedented level

Fully Patent-Protected and Quantum Secured

Features that make us the Super-wallet

"Bank Yourself" with these Amazing Features - Literally.

Fiat and Digital Currencies at your Fingertips

VeroWay gives you access to all the currencies you could imagine. 
You can freely receive, trade, exchange, send, and liquidate not only the most popular digital currencies, but also traditional fiat currencies, such as USD, EUR, CAD, CHF, and many, many more.

You can participate in ICOs, Exclusive NFT sales, or simply load-up on your favorite coin via Crypto Deposits (Credit-Card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Bank Transfers, etc.).

Instant Payments and Global Remittance

Send and receive funds globally and instantly at ultra-competitive rates.
Leverage the revolutionary "Secure Send" Feature that ensures no funds get lost by letting us manage the logistics of multiple-chains, routing, and security.
Simply send funds via an email address, phone number, or user-alias - we'll do the rest.

Liquidity You've Never Seen Before

Our advanced DEX Trading Floor allows you to trade with over 700 currency pairs on our patent-pending Decentralized Exchange - the only Exchange that let's you tap in to the liquidity network of multiple DEX's and Smart-Contracts in a self-custody and segregated fashion.

Trades and transactions are seemless and by leveraging the VeroWay Hybrid-Chain, fees are the lowest in the market.

Of course, the DEX Trading Floor comes in multiple layouts, including Dark Mode.

Global Fiat & Digital Currency Banking Rails

With our global banking rails, you can on-ramp and liquidate any currency on the platform directly from and to your own bank account - limits go to more than USD 100'000.00 per day.

Simply Link your Bank Account to your VeryWay Account to initiate the payment - and the best part: the KYC is already done by the linked bank, allowing for instant and fast transfers of your funds and assets.

  • Fiat and Digital Currencies at your Fingertips
  • Instant Payments and Global Remittance
  • Liquidity You've Never Seen Before
  • Global Fiat & Digital Currency Banking Rails

The Golden-Standard of Multi-Layer Self-Custody

VeroWay's Hybrid-Vault Solution is fully patent-protected!

VeroWay's Technology Stack is based on the concept of multi-layered self-custody wallets (also called VeroWay Vaults). This means that the API's are built in context of individual user accounts. Every User has their own public/private keys, and only the entity/user with these credentials can access and manage/withdraw/transfer/exchange funds.

A Major Milestone was reached by having our Hybrid-Vault Solution for Segregated Wallets accepted by the European Patent Office! VeroWay is the first and only company in the market with an AML-5/6 Compliant Wallet solution that gives customers decentralized control over their funds in a self-custody fashion.

Patent No. 3731483 describes over a dozen patented processes around the generation and interaction with segregated digital asset wallets, while maintaining tight security in offline storage where transactions are digitally signed.

The VeroWay Group holds many more patent-claims and protections in the digital asset, privacy & security, and decentralized finance space.

Post-Quantum Encryption Guaranteed

Best-in-class security and leading-edge encryption is the unwavering foundation of the VeroWay Platform.

All Vaults are individually encrypted using our own proprietary quantum-resilient entropy generators. To ensure maximum hardening of sensitive information on the platform, these generators meet all requirements of NIST SP 800-90A, 90B and 90C (draft) standards for NonDeterministic Random Bit Generators (while satisfying NIST SP 800-22 (NIST STS) and Dieharder tests).

VeroWay users benefit from post-quantum cybersecurity protection which brings quantum-safe encryption and the ability to dynamically upgrade cryptographic protections to connections between all devices. API-Endpoints are publicly available to protect sensitive data wherever it travels without installing software at the endpoint. As a result, VeroWay customers, their customers, and partners can be confident that encrypted data will remain secure.

The Quantum Entropy API-Endpoints section provides more information on how to generate entropy for your own infrastructure or leverage it for testing and validation of the entropy levels.

Global Liquidity for every market

Connecting more than 40+ Fiat and Digital Currencies

Open account for free. Instantly.

Gain Access to new Revenue Streams

Loved by Private Individuals and Business Clients

White-Label Partners enjoy an even wider selection of Key-Features and Modules that drive their Business and Revenue.

Empowering your business case with our full management suite

The Amazing White-Label Features Showcased:

Enjoy Full User Activity & Volume Insights

VeroWay provides you with deep insights in your White-Label user's activity and transaction volumes.

Keep track of transactions, user behaviour and compare these metrics with past datasets to gain insightful meta-data for your business offering.

Manage your Supervisors and Users

Browse your user base and manage your supervisors.
You can delegate Supervisor functionality to select users with just a single click.

Maintaining a clear picture on who has which permissions is easy with VeroWay and we ensure that compliance is forced through our technology stack.

Professionally Support your Clients

Supervisors can access a user's account in a view-only fashion, seeing exactly what the user would.

This tremendously helps stream-line the support process while increasing customer satisfaction.

Accounts always remain self-custodian, meaning only the account owning user can access and transact funds on the account.

Sell Products with the Merchant Console

The VeroWay Merchant Console provides an easy yet powerful solution to partners and projects looking to allow their user-base to receive funds for commissions, airdrops, currency swaps, and to purchase products while receiving various currencies as a means of payment.

The Merchant Console is especially ideal for partners that operate in high-risk spaces (yet legal) spaces (e.g. Crypto, FX Trading, ICOs, Trading Bots, Digital Services, etc.) where traditional payment gateways and/or banks typically decline a service offering.

Digital Invoicing from Anywhere

The Merchant Console also offers the ability to generate Digital Invoices that can be viewed and paid within any browser with the standard URL structure.

Digital Invoices are branded with your White-Label Logo and Background and can be sent to clients all over the world, even if they're not members of the VeroWay Ecosystem.

  • Enjoy Full User Activity & Volume Insights
  • Manage your Supervisors and Users
  • Professionally Support your Clients
  • Sell Products with the Merchant Console
  • Digital Invoicing from Anywhere
Open account for free. Instantly.

Onboard with our easy

Steps to Start a White-Label Partnership

White-labeling the VeroWay Platform allows you to monetize and grow your user-base organically by giving every one of our users the most powerful wallet-solution available!


Browse the Dev-Zone

Browse the API-Documentation and Tutorial Videos on various Use-Cases.

Start Integrating

Start integrating by creating an account and exploring the platform’s features.

Activate White-Label

Onec you’re ready, contact Sales and request for your White-Label to be activated.

We're the engine for your business-case

A White-Label Partner will enjoy their individual branded version of the Platform and onboard all of their users in their look-and-feel.

The VeroWay Platform API helps businesses and developers expand and develop their use-cases and cherry-pick the features and functionality they want individually.

The purpose of the Platform API is to allow white-label partners to build on top of the Wallet and Payment system of VeroWay.
This will allow partners to onboard their users, generate wallets, initiate transactions, deposits, payments, withdrawals and trades between different currencies and users within the VeroWay Eco-System (whitelabeled users and native VeroWay users alike).

Flexible solutions

With many modules to choose from, VeroWay specializes on delivering flexible solutions.

Team work

Deeply understanding the client's business case allows VeroWay to provide solutions efficiently.

Scalable Infrastructure

Get your business case up and running and turning revenue in just a few days instead of years.

Top service

Enjoy fast and direct communication with our development heads and key account managers.

Open account for free. Instantly.

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See what our clients have to say

Testimonials by Some of Our Clients

We enjoy working closely with our partners, as their success is also ours. Always in close communication, always innovating, always a team.

VeroWay has really helped my company expand in to the digital space. The fast-paced integration was a breeze, while the team just simply "clicked".

Abram Mango

Social Media Expert
Being in the Media Space as a Digital Nomad and constantly on the road internationally, I can now invoice and be paid in virtually any currency.

Rayna Curtis

Social Media Expert
Senior Software Developer
As a Developer, documentation is everything. VeroWay has put a massive amount of work in to stream-lining their API Docs, which highlights their focus on the tech.

Chance Stanton

Senior Software Developer
CEO / Senior Videographer
I run a Video content platform and need to get our content creators paid - preferably in real-time. The Mass-Payment function is a god-send, and our whitelabel pushes our brand-awareness.

Leonardo Percolli

CEO / Senior Videographer

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